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Can you name the country that you would overfly on a direct line between the two cities indicated?

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Travelling on a direct line along the great circle between the two cities indicated, you will pass over one country (other than the one in which the cities are themselves located). Name the relevant country in each case.
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CitiesOverflown CountryOrigin/Destination Country
Boston ⇨ San Francisco
Salzburg ⇨ Innsbruck
Honolulu ⇨ Houston
Rhodes Town ⇨ Thessaloniki
Pretoria ⇨ East London
Sylt ⇨ Sassnitz
Maastricht ⇨ Amsterdam
Odessa ⇨ L'viv
Beijing ⇨ Urumqi
Tromsø ⇨ Oslo
Eilat ⇨ Haifa
Novosibirsk ⇨ Volgograd
La Coruña ⇨ Seville
CitiesOverflown CountryOrigin/Destination Country
Marseille ⇨ Strasbourg
Dubrovnik ⇨ Osijek
Rijeka ⇨ Zagreb
Punta Arenas ⇨ Santiago
Quetta ⇨ Peshawar
Medan ⇨ Manado
Tijuana ⇨ Ciudad Juárez
Chiang Mai ⇨ Phuket
Murmansk ⇨ St Petersburg
Dresden ⇨ Munich
Cagliari ⇨ Milan
Waterford ⇨ Donegal

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