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Can you name the next pair of letters in the sequence?

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Example: AZ, CX, EV, GT, ?? = IR (First letter of the pair skips one going forward in the alphabet from A; second letter of the pair does the same in reverse from Z.) You might find it useful to refer to the alphabet image below. Also, bear in mind that for the purposes of this quiz, the alphabet is regarded as being circular, i.e. after Z, the alphabet starts again at A.  photo ALPH_zps6cd5a922.jpg
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AC, BD, CE, DF, ??
DJ, EK, GM, HN, ??
AQ, ZP, BO, YN, ??
MC, PF, SI, VL, ??
XG, VL, UP, SS, ??
JY, MT, PO, SJ, ??
HE, LJ, PO, TT, ??
BY, DT, GP, KM, ??
PV, MN, IH, FD, ??
OV, RY, QZ, TC, ??
FX, GW, IU, LR, ??
NQ, JL, LO, HJ, ??
CO, GR, DP, HS, ??
GL, BL, YK, TI, ??
AZ, YB, CX, WD, ??
TN, WR, ZU, CW, ??
IP, LP, OO, RM, ??
LQ, PN, MJ, OG, ??
BH, YJ, DI, WK, ??
AB, BD, DH, HP, ??

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