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Can you name the three countries hidden in each of these cryptic conundrums?

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Civil Iberian army bombards Taliban glades heavily then expand or ramp up operations
Zebu run distractedly but llama law intervenes when robot swan attacks picnickers
Never mimic an adamant politician. Don’t libel a rustic carelessly. They will bribe Liz eventually.
In the disco, morose teens loiter around girl wearing lacy prussic bloomers. They curb Olivia’s wild tendencies.
Slim ex I courted waved her wand around but what use is freedom in Icarus scenario?
I earn a conga bonus if I jig about quickly in thin diagonal lines
Staff in Landrovers take camel rides to Niamey but reach a dead end
Tourists love Niagara Falls, its charming ambiance but encounter it realistically
Pedigree celebrity dogs lunge orgiastically at ninja panda
Abandon or waylay one penguin each but find one Siamese cat
Sing elegy, pterodactyl choir, angelically since avian pubs bar bad ostriches
Serious editors recap ever determinedly and struggle so thoroughly to plough a narrow furrow
Keep geckos’ ovoids warm in incubators then remold ovally
Sermon a collared minister gave: pray to God for pyromaniacs
Sir Malcolm Sargent in a new career will be bigger, many times bigger than the biggest disco star I can imagine
You may fear menial jobs but they can give a guy a natural edge over glib yahoos
Celeb anonymously gave a nomad a gas cartridge in exchange for tutu valuation
Afghani geriatric grimaced on iambic pentameter haiku waits for no one
Danes wed English girls with a hug and a kiss before badminton game
Go off on abnormal tangents on a speed jib outing with a broken yardarm
The vista I wanted of the cosy rialto in an archetypal autumn
Sashimi crones I assembled said goodbye menacingly to imprimatur keyboardist
Supper usually served to marzipan amateur who hung a rye bread
Staff ran celebrity gossip columns about their bosom aliases and their aquiline noses
Freedom and honour lessen egalitarian tendencies and informal divestitures
Ella ostensively asks, 'When am I biannually paid post-decimalisation?'
One pale imitation of composer biased against timpani germproofer
Lunch in a cheap restaurant with mispainted walls and schmalz ambiance
Vital young salmon go liaising in river as wide as a moat
Describe nine flat viable origami celandines

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