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Can you find the country name spelt backwards and hidden within each clue?

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We must wait until a gene splicing procedure takes place.
Just speaking franglais surely won't get you very far.
Tea leaves are never wrong; they augur unpleasant things.
One pristine dew spot on a blade of grass.
There are numerous hot countries where ginger is grown.
Forest fires set Spain ablaze this summer.
The room was small but we had an acceptable breakfast.
No bags to be left unattended in the terminal building.
I signed up for Advanced Bonsai, not Sewing For Beginners!
She threw a bucket of cold water over my aspirations.
Struggling with insomnia? Psychiatrists can help.
Dogs may enter and cats are also allowed.
The rumours spread evil amongst the islanders.
Design each centrepiece ergonomically.
All of the adults paid nine dollars to get in.
We'll cross every latitude during the circumnavigation.
You can play billiards, but I'd rather not.
He once ran a Yugoslav hotel in the Tito era.
Always serve poppadoms with lime pickle, raita or chutney.
To a billionaire, glamour must come naturally.
We must all clap enthusiastically to show our support.
Kidnap a judge and you can expect to get life.
For best effect, fashion in ebony of the finest quality.
We must plan amongst ourselves what to do
Unusual phenomenon a believer encountered.
The triathletes swam an approximate distance of one mile.
Land in need of revolutionaries.
His ability to endure pain was incredible.
Can anyone think of a famous frog other than Kermit?
I love to eat lamb on a Sunday.

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