Language Quiz / Cryptic Clues: E (Classic Version with Explanations)

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Can you find the answer to each of these cryptic clues, each of which begins with 'E'?

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Digital photo? Impressive! (4)
Host called out '1,100' once (5)
Better tree (5)
Riding it means risque activity (13)
They ban Mexican custom or pastiche (15)
Fun entente Martin brought about (13)
Improve doorway with hotel sign instead of tigerskin (7)
Narcissism, for example, is associated with leaderless nation (8)
He climbed mountain in ruddy mean elements! (6,7)
And so Shrek returns (4)
Chained wild beast (7)
Swathe in French wrapping (6)
Strength held by keener gymnasts (6)
Public schoolboys embrace southern Europeans (9)
Focused on the Common Market? Weird! (9)
Listen, you stinker, I've found it! (6)
Check ebbing tide (4)
Gnaw at death's heart (3)
Test side gets bonus (6,4)
Song text penned here by Yoko's mighty man gives mooted comedy madness (9'1,3,9,2,4,6,2,3,2,6)

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