Language Quiz / Cryptic Clues: D (Classic Version with Explanations)

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Can you find the answer to each of these cryptic clues, each of which begins with 'D'?

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Witness statement (8)
Originally disastrous collapse of Babel experiment (6)
Capital city developed first Maori dance (5)
Modestly put together from 100 French lolly wrappers (8)
Artist primarily depicting abstract landscapes irrationally (4)
Four in Daniel's bed? (5)
Poop seat? (9)
Orbited around one who ultimately pays the price (7)
A divorced man interfered with party leader (5,7)
Make Channel Islands and the French subservient (6)
Contests expected to get extremely ludicrous (5)
Channel dodged broadcast (4)
Will campaign tour approach encourage work or strike? (5)
Queen's sex slave to go on and on! (5)
Abide flipping lewd Labour leader (5)
He made Matilda take initially dangerous and heroic leaps (4)
Plot device involved romantic diary (8,5)
Dali painting incredible apogee: two tigers and a deformed fish haunt a benumbed, carefree Gala by an ocean. OK? (5,6,2,3,6,2,1,3,6,1,11,1,6,6,9)
Referendum mysteriously reveals false move (5)
Use it to clean up rusted sculpture? (6)

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