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Can you find the answer to each of these cryptic clues, each of which begins with 'C'?

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Perfectly beautiful surroundings for nest of vipers throttling hen (15)
Footnote inserted in middle of body (6)
Relationship continuing, say, in an unorthodox manner (13)
Could they be easily charmed in alfresco brasseries? (6)
Polite Scot joins southern people (9)
It's virtually fought over racy brew (8)
Company rescued from screws when ship is sunk (4)
Author's poultry swallowing heartless slander recklessly (7,7)
Alludes to spectacles for the ears? (5)
Fellow Latvian element (6)
Fuel domestic company with aluminum (8)
Curry swan with head of monkfish stuffed inside (4)
Heart at first convulsing rapidly umpteen times (4)
Baby bear hugs her little angel (6)
Criminal taking iron ship home perhaps finally admits guilt (9)
Vehicle driving up endless track (3)
Sequence observed for putting together feller's equipment (8)
Nothing in sugar container (7)
Harvest prune (4)
City finances? (7)

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