Language Quiz / Cryptic Clues: A (Classic Version)

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Can you find the answers to these cryptic clues, all of which begin with A?

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Jumble: coats, bra, tumblers (8)
I read erratically on the radio (5)
Post personal possessions and there will be consequences (12)
Robes one twice cut out of covers (4)
Picture redheaded pair boarding Noah's craft (7)
Shrinks from filling of kebab: horsemeat (6)
Return key (6)
Initially in imitation - just like that! (14)
Some mustangs take fright (5)
States at first intriguing found in faulty camera (7)
A disastrous recital (7)
Lacking a salary, lacking direction, but forever young (7)
A bad back, but not dying (5)
Am I a container for little brother's nectar? (8)
Top half of them engaged in strangely elastic exercise (9)

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