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Name the letter strings which can take the given letter at either the beginning or the end of the word to make the defined words.

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Example: D___ (game cube) [???] ___D (chilled) = 'ICE' (DICE & ICED)
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Hint 1AnswerHint 2
A___ (Towards the rear)___A (Breastbones)
B___ (Sound of a gunshot or explosion)___B (Young sheep)
C___ (Short-legged breed of dog)___C (Like a wild gathering)
D___ (Relegate)___D (Expressed feeling)
E___ (Flair)___E (Street)
F___ (Parasite)___F (Piece of foliage)
G___ (Mythical beast)___G (Playing notes on a guitar, for example)
H___(Embrace)___H (Expression of disgust)
I___ (Religious image)___I (Prolongations of heart ventricles)
K___ (Family)___K (Pigment)
L___ (Rule)___L (Tool for making holes)
M___ (Tiny arachnid)___M (Individual thing)
N___ (In the vicinity)___N (Gain)
O___ (Smear with oil)___O (Towards the interior)
P___ (Stone fruit)___P (Tumour)
R___ (Road taken by a traveller)___R (Exterior)
S___ (Answers back rudely)___S (Test)
T___ (Items of furniture)___T (Most competent)
W___ (Diminish)___W (Once again)
Y___ (White-flowered plant used in herbal medicine)___Y (Darting; like a missile)

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