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Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The veterinarian used the __ (gentler expression) 'in a better place' to say the dog died.
He was self-conscious about his __ (very large) pimple.
The angry girl wanted to __ (take back; cancel) the invitation given her backstabbing friend.
She didn't laugh when he stumbled in __ (respectful submission) to his feelings.
Her silence was a __ (understood w/o words) approval.
The speaker had to __ (shorten by cutting off) his presentation.
The man's __ (sneaky) movements caught the officer's attention.
The general refused to __ (surrender) even when outnumbered.
The __ (loud, unpleasant noise) from the day care gave me a headache.
I was afraid of the spider even though it was __ (harmless).
Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
She became a __ (social outcast) after the scandal.
We paid extra to __ (hasten) the shipping of our purchase.
The __ (resistant to change, reform) dog could not be trained.
Due to the stormy weather, our plans were __ (hesitant; not definite)
Ferris Bueller taught movie-goers how to __ (fake) being sick.
Some thought her __ (showy; attracting attention) jewelry was obnoxious.
The __ (deception; double meaning) of his answer went unnoticed.
Partisan politics ensured the debate would be __ (argumentative).
Being a __ (resident) of the exclusive community had advantages.
Their __ (understood by a select few) humor annoyed those not in their clique.

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