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Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
Hockey players are infamous for being __ (inclined to fight).
Her __ (very small) frame was ideal for dancing.
Officials felt the safety of the crowd was __ (of most importance).
His firm answer was __ (certain; clear).
The __ (generosity of spirit) victim forgave the thief.
The tabloid was sued for printing__ (false; illegitimate) stories.
We could __ (to sympathize) with the grieving family.
I had to ask if he was being __ (not serious).
Asking __ (unimportant) questions will be annoying.
Her parents would not __ (consent; comply) to a later curfew.
Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The __ (smallness of number) of fans hurt the team's morale.
Everyone recognized the __ (worthy of praise) work of the charity.
The __ (truthfulness; accuracy) of the defendant was challenged.
Being __ (rigid in opinions) caused the politician to lose supporters.
The class preferred this writer's__ (cheerfully optimistic) poetry.
She took a second job to __ (to increase; add to) her income.
The overworked father's __ (a tired feeling) made him grouchy.
The blonde was angry at being stereotyped as __ (lacking in ideas or intelligence).
Many divorcing couples' __ (resentment; hatred) impact their children negatively.
Our __ (lacking harmony or agreement) group could not agree on anything.

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