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QUIZ: Can you name the Vocabulary Builders to complete these sentences?

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Sample SentencesVocabulary Builders
After many years of marriage, their morning kiss goodbye had become __ (out of habit, routine).
Believing the world was flat was a widespread __ (false notion).
Rock stars are often depicted as indulging in __ (concerned only with selfish pleasure) lifestyles.
Making __ (more than is needed) food meant we ate leftovers for a week.
The __ (servile flatterer) gave his boss compliments when in trouble.
Running on a sprained ankle will __ (make worse) the injury.
The man wanted to sue the newspaper he felt tried to __ (speak badly of) him.
The __ (silent, reserved) girl had trouble making friends.
Ebenezer Scrooge is infamous for being __ (overly thrifty).
The freshman's __ (scholarly) reply impressed the professor.
Sample SentencesVocabulary Builders
Nothing helped __ (cut short) the addicted smoker's nicotine craving.
A DVD player would be an __ (existing out of its proper time) in a 1980s story.
When outnumbered, the general had no choice but to __ (surrender).
Everyone enjoyed being around the __ (sociable) man at parties.
The __ (sad) poem brought tears to my eyes.
Cheerleaders are stereotyped as being __ (showing arrogant superiority).
Explorers must be __ (fearless) to conquer the unknown.
Giving sympathy to people who commit __ (unspeakably evil) crimes is difficult.
The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest __ (an award) given in the military.
Students were stunned by their__ (daringly bold) classmate's question.

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