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Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The player was ejected due to the ___ (extraordinarily bad) foul.
The ___ (hard to please) woman only shopped at expensive boutiques.
No one laughed at the ___ (immature) joke.
Steelers jerseys became ___ (existing everywhere) in the weeks before the Super Bowl.
His iPod contained an ___ (varied in selection or taste) music collection.
No one could ___ (confirm) the defendant's alibi.
The man complained women were an ___ (riddle) he would never understand.
The ___ (excessively talkative) student was assigned detentions often.
Adding more detailed content helped ___ (improve) the essay.
Students were frustrated by the ___ (unclear) test question.
Sample SentenceVocabulary Builder
The ___ (of doubtful quality) website was a bad source of information.
Her ___ (careful; honest) nature kept her from lying.
His ___ (using only a few words) answer indicated he was in a bad mood.
Some voters found the politician's speech to be ___ (showy use of language).
The ___ (bitterness of nature) in her voice made me cringe.
We couldn't plan a picnic because of the __ (unpredictable) weather.
Several people fell asleep during the ___ (boring) movie.
She was teased because of her ___ (unsophisticated) manners.
Intermission was a welcome ___ (break for rest) during the three-hour play.
Job seekers should not ___ (speak poorly of) previous employers in an interview.

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