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Cash + Stocks + Debtors
How easily an asset can be turned into cash
A lack of working capital will lead to
The money that is available for the daily running of a business
Current Assets — Current Liabilities
Resources that belong to a business that are intended to be used within the next twelve months
This term refers to people or other organizations that owe money to a business as they have purchased goods on credit
Money that a business owes that needs to be repaid within the next twelve months
Suppliers need to be repaid for items that have been purchased on credit
This situation occurs when a business attempts to expand too quickly (or aggressively), without the sufficient resources to do so
This means that the firm holds too much stock
Opening Balance - Net Cash Flow
Inflows - Outflows
Businesses that have sold goods or services on credit and will collect this money at a future date.
The value of cash left in a business at end of the month, as shown in its cash flow forecast or statement
Debts owed by a business
The physical goods that a business has in its possession for further production, (raw materials and unfinished goods) or for sale (finished goods)
Refers to a cash flow emergency situation where a business does not have enough cash to pay its current liabilities (short-term debts)

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