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What is the popular nickname for Leader Onew refering to his 'squishy' nature?
Who is the best cook out of SHINee?
Name SHINee's 6th Single
What trait earns Key the nickname 'Almighty Key'?
When did SHINee debut?
What song did they record specifically for the drama 'Boys Over Flowers'?
What Italian Opratic song did Onew sing during the SM Town Concert?
Which member of SHINee created the tinfoil Microphone?
Which member of SHINee is said to look like a dinosaur?
What is the name of SHINee's first original Japanese single?
In said song's music video, which member plays the part of the make up artist?
Which member of Girls' Generation features in the MV for 'Sherlock'
Who is the member who says the line 'Freeze!' in 'Sherlock'?
What is Jonghyun's family name (last name)?
What drama did Minho recently star in with fellow label mate Sulli of F(x)?
What is Taemin's favourite drink?
Which member hates amusement park rides?
What is Onew's favourite food?
When Onew does something foolish what do the SHINee members call it?
What do SHINee fans call themselves?
Who is the 'ladies man' out of SHINee?
In 'Sherlock' which member has the longest hair?
What is Minho's real name?
Who is the shortest member of SHINee?
What was the name of their debut single?
Which member is the most sporty?
What is the latest single SHINee have released?
Which show did SHINee star in in which they got to go on dates with noonas?
Which member has a half shaved head in 'Lucifer'?
Which member is the greediest?

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