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FUN with Assessment During Instruction

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What are key components to build in when lesson planning?
What is one of the most important skills to leave with our students?
Required for organized lessons:
Interest and participation are not always:
What kind of question is: 'What was the last state to be admitted to the Union?'
What kind of question is: 'What is your reaction to the poem?'
What kind of indicator are you going to use most:
What kind of question is: 'What is the nature of the problem in this short story?'
Tests and quizzes (assessments):
Questions with only one answer:
situation specfic:
Planning requires:
When everything goes according to plan:
Beliefs insights and perceptions and habits INFORM:
Acronym that informs decision making:
Classroom management based on:
When assessing your lessons your data needs to be:
Questions with many answers:
When assessing your lessons for validity, you must be:
Behavioral cues (assessments):
Why assess activities in case they need to be:

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