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Transports proteins and other materials to the Golgi bodies
Type of cell that has a nucleus
Distributes materials from the ER to other parts of the cell
Break down old cell parts and release the substances so they can be used again
Realized that all cells come from preexisting cells (last name only)
Realized that all animals are made of cells (last name only)
The control center of the cell
Located in the nucleus, it's where ribosomes are made
Rigid layer that surrounds plant cells, supporting and protecting them
Controls which substances pass into and out of the cell
Observed living cells/bacteria under a microscope (last name only)
Thick, gel-like fluid that fills the cell and carries organelles
Stores water, food, waste, and other materials
Came up with the name 'cells' (last name only)
Type of cell that lacks a nucleus
Produces proteins
Basic unit of structure and function in living things
Realized that all plants are made of cells (last name only)
Captures energy from sunlight and changes it to a form of energy plant cells can use in making food
A structure inside of a cell that carries out specific functions
Thin strands of material found in the nucleus that contain information for directing a cell's functions
Convert nutrients to energy the cell can use to live and function

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