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Can you name the Physical and Chemical Properties?

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Identify the best choice that completes Enter either physical or chemical as you
This kind of property describes matter.
__________ properties of a substance can be observed.
One can use their five senses to determine the __________ properties of a substance.
__________ properties usually describe how a substance reacts
__________ properties are not as easy to observe.
__________ properties can be used to identify substances.
Oxygen is odorless and colorless.
Copper turns green when exposed to the environment.
The piece of metal is magnetic.
The density of water is 1.0 g per ml.
Identify the best choice that completes Enter either physical or chemical as you
Diamonds are a very hard substance.
The tree is 8 meters high.
Sodium reacts very easily with other elements.
Copper conducts electricity.
Water is a liquid.
The mass of the NaCl sample is 30 grams.
Gold is nonflammable.
Alka-Seltzer tablets react with water to produce gas.
The color of the ball is red.
Iron reacts with oxygen and forms rust.

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