Marriage and Divorce Contracts

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The law that recognizes the mutual duties of a wife and husband
Waiting period from application to issuance of marriage license
Is concerned with the division of the physical and other care and control responsibilities for a child
A no-fault marriage dissolution may be initiated by
States that do not follow the English Common Law rule are called
Occurs when a single woman and a single man live together and share common property
Parental consent for marriage is not necessary if the parties are how old
If only one party wants out of the marriage contract
Results from a problem that existed from the beginning of the supposed union
A person who knowingly marries a second spouse while still married to the first
Divorce proceeding where the requesting spouse does not have to list a grievance
a leagal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife
If both parites agree to end their engagement, the binding contract that resulted from their engagement is
A man and woman who live together outside of marriage are said to
Keeping a spouse from getting property rights to the assets they brought into the marriage
Same-sex marriages

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