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Can you name these pairs of countries that share a (land) border that cannot be crossed?

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These former French colonies' border has been closed since 1994. Relations remain cold due to fallout from the occupation of W Sahara; as of 2012 reopening it was 'not a priority.'1,601 km (994 mi) - Africa
No road between these countries means hundreds of km crossing empty, unmarked desert inhabited by bandits. You might think there'd be a road along the lake at the south end but no.1,196 km (743 mi) - Africa
Crossing their border is awkward as one of these countries does not recognize the other as a separate nation so won't issue entrance/exit stamps. Land travellers can go via Brazil.789 km (490 mi) - South America
No political barrier between these nations, just impenetrable jungle. The vastly smaller and poorer of them has a few roads along its n. coast but none inland where this border is.593 km (368 mi) - South America
Like with #2, these countries' border is in the middle of a very remote, unmarked and lawless desert area. Not helped by a US-backed insurrection-turned-civil-war in one of them.383 km (238 mi) - Africa
These countries' border is a dense jungle over mountains and swamps. A planned road was never built, partly to prevent spread of disease. The area remains a drug smuggling haven.339 km (211 mi) - Americas
The Rohingya people, labeled illegal immigrants and banished from one country to the other, are those most afflicted by military patrols that prevent crossing this border's river. 271 km (168 mi) - Asia
These two countries technically remain at war despite an armistice in place since 1953. Their shared border is one of the most dangerous, and heavily fortified, places on earth.238 km (148 mi) - Asia
Another remote jungle border, on one side is a military dictatorship; also one of the countries in #7. If a crossing existed, drivers would have to switch between left and right.235 km (146 mi) - Asia
Locals often wander across the very remote 5,000m pass between these countries (Marco Polo is rumoured to have used it), but there is no sanctioned crossing and no road for 100km+.92 km (57 mi) - Asia

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