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Anchor who often hosts garage sales at KOMUA
Served as a temporary studio B
Megan Murphy has the key to a city that resides inC
____ and schmeko (spits out graphics)D
Hails from Belize City, BelizeE
KOMU 8 _____ at five...starts nowF
This guy has a secret identity: S.O.SG
Sarah and Scott's favorite story seriesH
Where red, black, and green mean very different thingsI
This anchor has a pet parrot named SkipperJ
Says 'this isn't sexy enough...make it sexier'K
'This is not a _________, I have forwarded the e-mail below from my account to yours'L
Who used to anchor the noon show before it was online?M
Wow, Dave/Eric/ really ______ that forecastN
Reporting live from Columbia, Jenny Lee, KOMU 8 News (what is this)O
Always delete these from the headline in ACMP
Where teen mom is never erasedQ
Floor director for 5 and 6 (usually seen sporting a crew neck sweatshirt)R
Currently buying drinks for senators in DCS
Top of show...roll _______T
Custom complete automotive _________U
Where is the annual RTDNA conference held?V
Gets a 3:30 block of time in each newscastW
Old door code (since I can't think of anything for x and it kind of looks like the star you push at the end)X
Franchise most likely to feature people pretending to work in the backgroundY
Render effects to the.... Z

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