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Description RoleExtra Info
This role's name is often used in reference to voices that do not belong to the original actors.
This role is heavily involved in the Post Production process, working closely with the director in the creative decisions of the final film.
This role records and creates many of the sound effects used in films.
An element of this role is to load the raw film stock into camera magazines.
The margin for error in this role is a miniscule 3-6mm.
Description RoleExtra Info
A role that is present during the Production Stage, which is usually shared among other roles (members of the crew).
This role has many different jobs during the production of a film one them is managing the funds of the film and the hiring of crew.
This role has many different jobs in the Post Production process one of these duties is organising merchandise associated with the production/film.
One of the many duties this role performs is to choose what lenses and film stock are to be used on a certain shot.
This role directly influences the genre and look of a film. They are have a great influence over how audiences interpret characters and the settings in a production/film.

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