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Cars whose license plates end with a 1 or 2 are not allowed on the roads on Monday, 3 or 4 on Tuesday, 5 or 6 on Wednesday, 7 or 8 on Thursday, and 9 or 0 on Friday from 7:00 AM
A man may not relieve himself while standing up, after 10 PM
While prostitution is legal, it is illegal to use the services of a prostitute.
If you are convicted of littering three times, you will have to clean the streets on Sundays with a bib on saying, “I am a litterer.
Any boy under the age of 10 may not see a naked mannequin.
Water guns may not be used in New Year’s celebrations.
Only licensed electricians may change a light bulb.
Citizens may not publicly remove bandages.
Drivers of power-driven vehicles who stop at pedestrian crossings are liable to a fine or a warning.
One may not be charged for food at an inn unless that person, by his or her own opinion, is “full”.
It is illegal to take photos of police officers or police vehicles, even if they are just in the background.
If you have been maintaining an illegal radio station for five or more years, the station becomes legal.
Young people wearing bathing suits are prohibited from sitting less than 12 inches apart.
Any woman who wears pants faces a possible punishment of having the pants ripped off her and torn to pieces by soldiers.
Taxi drivers must pay royalties if they play music in their cars for paying customers.
It is illegal to issue a fake Weather Bureau broadcast
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