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Can you name the 24 characters from the clue provided?

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Forced Order
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The only character that has appeared in all 168 episodes of 24 thus far
...states in Season 4 that this person is 'the only one I know I can trust' the former spouse of this now deceased character, who once served as interim director of CTU
...had an affair with this character between seasons 3 and 4, though things 'never got off the ground' when they were away from CTU
...sacrifices his/her life to thwart an assassination attempt on this character from a safe room as terrorists threaten to cut out this character's eyes
...hid with this character during a terrorist raid on a government building
...had a relationship with this character, whose mental stability was questioned in season 5
...stabs this person in Season 6 following an argument regarding his/her illegal activities in a high-ranking government position
...had his/her high ranking government position filled by this character in Season 6
...had an affair with this character, which creates political turmoil in Season 3
...shoots this character twice in Season 3 the spouse of this character in Season 1 attacked by this character at the end of Season 2 by the shake of a hand
...uses this character's cell phone to contact a terrorist in Season 4 interrogated by this character in Season 4, who is also his/her sibling the spouse of this character, who dies in surgery in Season 4
...unknowingly rented a property to this character with devastating consequences in Season 4
...hands an unloaded gun to this character in Season 4, which proves his/her betrayal
...provides information to CTU provided that this character remains safe interrogated by this character in Season 4 before being led to a hostage exchange
...had an affair with this character who leaked CTU information to terrorists
...eavesdropped on a conversation and used the information to manipulate this character
...fell victim to an airborne terrorist attack while this character watched in tears in Season 5
...was taken into custody in Season 7 after being reported by this character charged with stalling a group of lawyers while this characters conducts an interrogation in a hospital
...contacts this character regarding stem cell donation kidnapped with this character in Season 1 killed by this character in a season finale
...was granted immunity for revealing the location of this character in Season 2
...prays at a mosque while this character executes his/her terrorist plot the sibling of this character, who aids CTU in an undercover operation
...begins a relationship that does not last end the end of Season 2, as evidenced by his/her partner's involvement with this character in Season 3
...helps this character escape from a dangerous undercover mission at a deadly cost shot by this character who attempts to escape with a deadly pathogen
...believed he had obtained a deadly bioweapon, before it was revealed that the pathogen had already been sold to this character
...ordered the execution of this character by one of his/her own agents mentioned by this character as one of the many people who lose their lives by staying close to Jack Bauer in Season 7
...arrests this character for conspiring with terrorists and murdering a fellow agent in the FBI server room
...provided classified information to this terrorist in Season 7 critically injured in a car crash in Season 7 caused by this character, who does not survive the crash
...has his/her dinner date cancelled because his/her significant other is busy kidnapping this political figure in Season 7
...disagrees with his/her spouse's decision regarding the fate of their child, who orchestrated the assassination of this character
...provides this terrorist with information regarding the presence of the president's daughter in Season 7
...ordered the execution of this political figure while holding him and others hostage, though the execution never takes place
...meets with this character in Season 7, who tries to convince him to abandon the senate hearings regarding a former CTU agent's methods of interrogation
...advised the president to carry out an air strike on this character in Season 6, despite the fact that he was holding his/her own grandson hostage
...worked with this character to cover up the theft of five suitcase nukes in Season 6
...was the spouse of this character, who had a relationship with a CTU agent before she was married
...hides with this character behind a dumpster during an attack on CTU, though their hiding place is quickly discovered shot after identifying him/herself as the director of CTU in order to protect this character

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