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A: The Eleventh Hour
B: Invasion of the [answer]; Enemy of the [answer]
C: The Tenth Planet; Age of Steel; Closing Time
D: The [answer]; The Parting of the Ways; Journey's End
E: Amy's Choice
F: Utopia
G: The Rebel Flesh; The Almost People
H: The Doctor's Daughter
I: Fear Her
J: Smith and Jones; Prisoner of the [answer]
K: School Reunion
L: Time and the Rani
M: The [answer] Terror; Gridlock
N: Something Borrowed
O: The Impossible Planet; The Satan Pit; Planet of the [answer]
P: Smith and Jones
Q: The Caves of Androzani
R: Father's Day
S: The Impossible Planet; Day of the Moon
T: Turn Left
U: Warriors of Kudlak; The Pandorica Opens
V: Silence in the Library; Forest of the Dead
W: Blink; Time of the [answer]; Flesh and Stone; [answer] Take Manhattan
X: Invasion of the [former answer]; The Stolen Earth; Journey's End
Z: Voyage of the Damned

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