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A: The Girl Who Waited
B: It's cool...
C: Classic monsters who keep showing up... Delete... Delete
D: Classic monsters who keep showing up... Exterminate!
E: The old people in Amy's Choice
F: The Doctor kept himself in here while he was human...
G: The Almost People
H: We all know who she is...
I: Lonely alien in Fear Her
J: She slapped the Doctor in Aliens of London...
K: Classic companion... Affirmative!
L: 4022 were saved here...
M: The Girl Who Walked the Earth
N: Those little bots who heal people...
O: They will feed... you if you are hungry...
P: A fairytale prison for the Doctor...
Q: She knighted and banished the Doctor on the same day...
R: Bad Wolf
S: A religious order
T: Time and Relative Dimension in Space
U: Where the last humans wanted to go...
V: They're what's in the dark...
W: Don't blink...
X: Mr. Smith's (Sarah- Jane Adventures) species
Y: Professor at the end of the universe
Z: Shapeshifting monsters most recently seen in Day of the Doctor...

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