Disney Villain by Death

Random Entertainment or Pixar Quiz

Can you name the Disney/Pixar villain by death?

Updated Nov 28, 2015

How to Play
Stabbed in the heart by the bow of a sunken ship
Eaten by hyenas
Falls off of cliff after precipice is struck by lightning
Falls into fire & molten metal after statue breaks away
Falls out of tower, turning to dust as she hits the ground
After stabbing the hero, loses grip and falls off of the castle
Destroyed when his lamp is knocked into lava
Consumed by the power of the Cauldron
Stabbed in the heart by a magic sword, before being crushed under a collapsing cliff
Falls off of roof, turning to magic dust as she hits the street
Falls off of Big Ben Clocktower when it strikes 10
Reclaimed by voodoo spirits as payment for his debts
Accidentally hangs self with vines
Blown up in an explosion of fireworks
Sucked into a jet intake
Fed to a nest of baby birds

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