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Give the superhero name for each secret identity

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Secret IdentitySuperhero name
Tony Stark
Obadiah Stane
James Rhodes (Rhodey)
Ivan Vanko
Aldrich Killian
Donald Blake
Bruce Banner
Thunderbolt Ross
Emil Blonsky
Natalia Romanoff
Clint Barton
Steve Rogers
James Barnes (Bucky)
Sam Wilson
Johann Schmidt
Peter Parker
Matt Murdock
Frank Castle
Wilson Fisk
Jessica Jones
Secret IdentitySuperhero name
Patricia Walker (Trish)
Claire Temple
Kevin Thompson
Daniel Rand
Peter Quill
Hank Pym
Scott Lang
Hope Van Dyne
Janet Van Dyne
Darren Cross
Peitro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff
Sharon Carter
Brock Rumlow
Stephen Strange
Carol Danvers
Carl Creel
Mike Peterson
Barbara Morse (Bobby)
Daisy Johnson (Sky)

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