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Descriptionall races (include extinct)
lived 300,000 years before the events of mass effect
A race of blue asexuals. powerful in biotics and can live up to 1000 years (current citadel council race)
an agressive,rude, and stubborn race with 4 eyes
A gentically modified race from 50,000 years ago to current times, they were enslaved by a race of VI machines.
A human sized race that resemble a human and fish lizard
A large lumbering race that always say what emotion they are feeling before starting a conversation
race of synthetic machines with a connected AI network
A race of jellyfish like creatures
you should know this (it's what you are)
Live around 127,000 years before the mass effect game
A mysterious race thought to have been created in order to maintain the citadel
a race of blood thirsty dinosaur-like humanoids. (have the ability to enter a blood rage making them near impossible to kill)
Descriptionall races (include extinct)
Race that mysteriously disappeared 50,000 years before mass effect
A species with an extremely weak immune system and must wear protective suits.
an intelligent race of insectoids that are currently extinct (unless shepard allowed the last queen to survive)
A true VI. Destroys all advanced races every 50,000 years.
A race of hypermetabolic humanoids. (current citadel race)
lived 127,000 years before the mass effect game
A very large bug like species that is capable of mind control and cloning individuals.
a race of humanoids comparible in size to humans. (current citadel race)
A race of fat little things that resemble a human and a hamster, they wear a respurator in order to breath correctly
Super ugly devil looking things. they're really mean
A race of enormous predatory humanoids (seen in lair of the shadow broker)
Not much is known about this extinct race. they are only mentioned in some planetary surveys.

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