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Forced Order
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Plays with one of his ice bombs until he drops it and freezes himself in a block of ice. He can be heard crying while frozen.
Pulls out his sword using telekinesis. The sword's handle keeps hitting him in the head. After being hit a third time, he frustratedly starts crying as the sword flies away.
Gives a high-pitched version of his MKII kiai and tries performing his Cartwheel Kick fatality, but trips during the middle portion, making him cry in pain.
Uses his telekinesis to levitate off the ground, but cannot stop himself and is left continuously levitating from his telekinesis, crying in fear.
Camera pans inside a strolles to reveal a slashed teddy bear, as squeals are heard. He then pops up on the side, ready to strike, but misses, his hat covering his eyes.
As he stands up, he farts and cries because of the smell.
Plays with one of his rockets, but it activates and sends him flying upwards offscreen. As he lands hard on his bottom, he starts crying in pain.
Attempts to levitate, but falls to the ground crying and Banshee Screaming uncontrollably in great pain.
Notices a nearby bowl of milk and meows as he crawls on all six over to it and starts lapping it up like a kitten, purring happily.
Gives a cutthroat sign, but his metallic eye, now too heavy for his infant body, causes him to fall over. He desperately tries to lift himself up, crying in frustration.
Looks around and notices that she has become smaller. She then stomps on the ground as if she were throwing a tantrum while crying out of frustration.
Sucks out the soul of a teddy bear and sits contentedly, as if plotting.
Plays with one of his bombs, but it explodes, making him cry.
Drops to his knees and angrily pounds his arms into the ground while crying, making miniature shockwaves in the process.
Hisses and charges toward her opponent, but trips and falls forwards, proceeding to throw a tantrum.
Creates a portal on top of him with his arms and attempts to roar until it drops a green skull on his head, making him cry.
Does an upwards bicycle kick, but falls down to the ground, hitting back first. As she is on the ground, she spins around in pain, crying as she spins.
Tosses his hat; a hellhound from the Netherrealm runs him over, knocking him out of the way as he lands on his side. He sits up and starts crying in pain.
Urinates on the floor and it freezes, making him slip and start to cry while sitting near the frozen puddle.
Summons a cloud above him, but begins to cry once it rains heavily on him.
She takes out a bottle of milk and starts to drink it but she spits it out. She then takes out a bottle of blood and drinks it instead.
Throws her Razor-Rang while giggling, but it comes back and hits her on the head, making her cry.
Claps his four hands together while humming but accidentally slaps himself in the face. He then sits down and cries.
Faces opponent and attempts to shoot his spear (complete with high-pitched 'GET OVER HERE!'), but the spear takes him with it. He lands and throws a tantrum in a puddle of tears.
Pulls a gun out and bangs it on the ground, causing it to go off but falls down because of the recoil and cries.
Accidently creates a portal above and below him, causing him to fall continuously between them, crying as he goes.
Picks up an inflatable tomahawk and giggles in joy, but accidentally summons a wolf spirit. As the wolf howls, he gets scared, and shivers on the ground crying.
Summons lightning and places his hands happily on his hips but, due to being unable to control it, a stray lightning bolt scares him, making him shiver and cry in fear.
Attempts to do a Raging Flash against his opponent, but goes too low and does a nose dive in the ground. He then throws a tantrum and cries a puddle of tears.
Steps on a plush Medusa doll and, after a couple pulls, he rips off the head with a victory roar, holding it triumphantly as the stuffing falls from it.
Sits down. Takes a crayon, starts drawing on paper, then throws it at screen: it's an autograph with a poorly drawn picture of himself saying 'To my best fan, [character name].'
Instead of turning into a baby outright, he turns into an egg and hatches, spitting acid out of his mask and gooing happily.
Pulls out her fans and poses, but the wind blows her and the fans around and she falls hard on her bottom, crying in pain. Her fans lodge themselves in the ground beside her.
Exclaims 'NO!' as though he's about to die, but quickly notices the situation. He turns to opponent, says 'You suck!' in a high-pitched voice, and turns to the screen and laughs.
Hisses and takes out his Tarkatan Blades, but they drill through the floor, lifting him into the air and leaving him there. He cries as he tries to get free.

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