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Santa's ListCraze
This video game left gamers shaken but not stirred.
This board game kept everybody guessing to get a piece of the pie.
This bear could tell you a bedtime story or cause nightmares.
This cube has been frustrating people for over 30 years.
These large headed dolls made a big impact on the fashion doll scene.
These lifelike stuffed animals had parents searching everywhere except the pound.
These juice caps caused people of all ages to drop their cash in stores.
These heroes on the half shell fought to the top of the heap.
This graphic music player was small in size, but large in sales.
This egg-shaped computer made children happy, with less mess than a real pet.
These stuffed animals were worth their weight in heart shaped gold.
Santa's ListCraze
These toys definitely were more than meets the eye.
These equine toys caused a stampede in stores.
This talking bird/hamster creature was later banned by the CIA.
This furry red monster laughed all the way to the bank.
This purple dinosaur didn’t cause many shoppers to say, “I Love You.”
This small scooter sliced into homes everywhere.
This video game systems popularity was only stopped by a lack of chips.
This video game system may have been smaller, but its popularity was equal to its bigger brother.
This Japanese video game mastered the hearts of millions.
These vegetarian dolls caused near riots in stores.

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