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Can you name the Kids TV show from the synonym of the show?

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Forced Order
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SynoymShowOriginal shows aired
Small coin drawing implement1989 -1990 & present
Self possesive elder blood realtives aren't human1999 - 2006
Rose coloured large cat1993 - 1995
Ranch Grassy Mound1978 - 2008
Supremacy wardens1993 - present
Break Time1997 - 2003
Pubescent Abnormal Martial Artist Reptiles1987 - 1996 & 2003 - 2009
With life and flailling lower limb1993 - 2001
Rain Forest Sprint1999 - 2006
By What Method?1966 - 1981 & 1990 - 2006
SynoymShowOriginal shows aired
Chotle Sight1987 - present
The Monarch's Olfactory1995 - 2003
Rescued by the school siren1989 - 1993
Carpet Cut off Rodents1991 - 2004
Giggle inducing skeletal compound1992
fun activities over 24 hour periods1989 - 1997
The Untamed Prickle Fruit1998 - 2004
Circular the Spiral1989 - 2001
Hazard rodent1981 - 1993
Revenge1991 - 2003

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