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Mon Calamarian AdmiralA
Cloud City PlanetB
Millennium Falcon co-pilotC
Imperial battlestationD
Endor native speciesE
Generated by all living thingsF
Droid general of the CISG
Ice planetH
Large gun that neutralized shields, engines and ship weaponsI
Tatooine crime lordJ
Water-covered planetK
Jedi/Sith weaponL
Jedi Master on Jedi councilM
Home planet of Padme AmidalaN
Command given to wipe out the Jedi after the Clone WarsO
A Jedi's pupilP
Alternate indigenous species of Mon CalamariQ
Droid compaion of C3POR
Empire soldiersS
Luke's home planetT
CIS hideout planet before MustafarU
Killed Obi-Wan KenobiV
Captured Luke on HothW
Rebel one-man starfighterX
900 year old Jedi MasterY
Darth Maul speciesZ

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