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Can you name the Person who did the action from the book?

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Forced Order
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Killed Nagini
Showed Harry the Room of Requirement
Saved Hermione from the Black Lake
Unleashed a troll in the school
Killed Dumbledore
Gave Harry the Nimbus 2000
Killed Sirius Black
Destroyed the horcrux locket
Wrote on the Hogwarts walls in blood while under a trance
Was the first known person to escape from Azkaban
Put Harry's name in the Triwizard cup
Took charge of Minister of Magic after the death of Voldemort
Danced with Rodger Davies at the Yule Ball
Almost became Gryffindor keeper instead of Ron
Started the Order of the Phoenix
Told Professor Quirrell how to calm Fluffy
Sent his children to eat Harry and Ron in the Forbidden Forest
Turned Bill Weasley into a partial werewolf
Stole the horcrux locket from Grimmauld Place
Failed to erase Harry and Ron's memory when his spell backfired
Taught Harry the Patronus charm
Gave her life to save Harry's in Godric's Hollow
Told Voldemort where to find Lily and James Potter
Wrote a book called 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore'
Came back to teach potions at Hogwarts after a visit from Harry and Dumbledore
Kissed Harry after a Dumbledore's Army meeting
Started S.P.E.W
Fixed the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement
Defeated Bellatrix at the Battle of Hogwarts
Created the Chamber of Secrets

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