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Politcally CorrectActual
Sex Care Provider
Mentally Stimulating Diversions
Vertically Challenged
Genetically Discriminating
Differently Organized
Displaced Homeowner
Permanently Static Post-Human Mass
Vehicularly Compressed Maladapted Life Form
Unpaid Sex Slave
Chronologically Gifted
Temporarily Metabolically Abled
Motivationally Deficient
Economically Marginalized
Sanitation Engineer
Involuntarily Leisured
Politcally CorrectActual
Cost-of-Living Adjustment Specialist
Musically Delayed
Oxygen Exchange Unit
Osmotically Challenged
Optically Darker
Follicularly Challenged
Parasitically Oppressed
Utensil Sanitizer
Academic Dishonesty
Previously Owned Prose
Unplanned Reexamination of Recent Food Choices
Least Best
Factually Unencumbered
Involuntary Term Limitation
Mental Explorer

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