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Can you name the answers to these hints based on cutaway gags from Family Guy?

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This made-up character refuses to take his sneakers offBoys Do Cry
Stewie played an unsuccessful game of Marco Polo with this womanPeter's Got Woods
Peter says of this actor that 'everything he says is a stitch'Death Has a Shadow
Peter sends this fictional character three ordinary items in hopes that he will get Brian out of jailBrian: Portrait of a Dog
Peter's grandfather Josiah wanted to name this cartoon character 'Ephraim the Retarded Rabbit'E. Peterbus Unum
This high school job of Peter's caused him to interrupt a scene from 'Ghost'The Story on Page One
Peter has one brain cell in a scene mocking this TV showWasted Talent
This actress appears in a live-action cutaway and tells her lawyer to sue the showMr. Griffin Goes to Washington
Peter failed miserably in his job as a security guard for this musicianThe Thin White Line
Stewie performed this Elton John song, proving that he 'know(s) what it takes to be cool'And the Wiener Is...
While reading the paper in a cutaway, Stewie casually remarks that 'the _____ (sports team) won'Emission Impossible
This country is shown as a futuristic, Jetson-esque society before the discovery of alcoholPeter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?
Peter appears on 'Sweatin' to Books on Tape' hosted by this celebrityReady, Willing, and Disabled
Peter's VCR was destroyed because he only had the expressed written consent of this network (and not the NFL) to tape a gameA Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas
This video game character is comforted by three ghosts after his woman leaves himStuck Together, Torn Apart
This artist gives a woman his ear, followed by another appendageFast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
Peter painted a portrait of this wrestler over the ceiling of the Sistine ChapelThe Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck argue over who wrote the script for this movieFast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
Peter's weight causes a dragon to crash to the ground in a reference to this movieBreaking Out Is Hard to Do
This children's character is in rehab to get over his addiction to cookiesModel Misbehavior

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