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what m is the abbreviation for
a well-tested explanation for a wide range of ideas or results
what km is the abbreviation for
what cm is the abbreviation for
understanding basic scientific terms and principles
a kind of variable that could change as a result of a purposeful change
a metaphor to remind scientists that a procedure must be very clear and detailed
an attitude of doubt
the steps scientists use to create explanations based on the evidence they gather
its formula is distance divided by time
evidence gathered through observations (especially during experiments)
an observation that does not use numbers to describe
an observation that uses numbers to describe
a system of measurement used by all scientists (based on the number 10)
the use of your senses to gather information
an aspect of an experiment that is able to change
a relationship that explains a series of observations (and it must be testable)
the SI prefix that means 1/1000
a kind of variable that the scientist changes on purpose in an experiment
a kind of variable that the scientist has to make sure doesn't change during an experiment
a quick explanation of what you observe (that you might assume is true)
a desire for a certain outcome
the SI prefix that means 1000
the SI prefix that means 1/100
an explanation of what you think might happen in the future
what mm is the abbreviation for

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