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QUIZ: Can you name the Modern Africa as of 2011?

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Not quite a great percussion instrument from Spain
French colonized here
Capital is a namesake
Gadafi sucked here
East African 'E'
Recently partitioned... thx UN!
One of the whitest names possible
DO NOT confuse with the euphemism
Mansa Musa is lyfe
French for 'a lot of sand'
It ain't easy being green
Nothing rhymes with... that may not be true
Rhymes with another that starts with 'Z'
Red-headed step-bro to #16
Blood Diamond film set here
US sent some freed slaves here
Let the trade of elephant and rhino tusks
Formerly Gold Coast
Fo' sho!
Animal House party wears these... ish
Noted for their namesake sculptures
Largest economy in sub-Sahara Africa as of 2015
When ________ (minus an 'o') was in Egyptland, let my __________ goooooooooo!
Couldn't delete this one
Most unoriginal name ever
Almost 'soap' in Spanish
Rubber trade
Slightly more republican rubber trade
Idi Amin
Hailie Selassie and non-imperialized
Name makes middle schoolers laugh... and apparently you, too
... dig it?
Old Duvai Gorge... thanks for the memories
Paul Kigame and a now-infamous hotel
It's cold.... but not here
U mad, bru?... That probably won't help
Rhymes with #14... or does $14 rhyme with it?
My dad's gonna lay down the LAW
Nothing clever to say...
Zany starts with Z!
But I wanna go outside!
It's not just a dessert... desert
Mandela and apartheid
Completely surrounded by South Africa
Almost surrounded by South Africa

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