Avatar The last airbender Characters By descriptions

Can you name the Avatar characters

This fire nation bad guy challenges zuko to an Agni Kai
He is the leader of a rebel group that live in the forrest
She has a big crush on Aang
Started the war by using a comet
The group of females that live on an island Team avatar visit
The only water bender of the southern water tribe
She is a fortune teller that is always right
The 2 fish in the pool in the northern water tribe represent which spirits
The person with the palest skin
The smaller of Team avatars 2 animal companions
Aang rides this to impress some girls
The spiritual guide that tries to help Aang unlock his chakras
Carries everybody from team avatar around the world
One of Aang's closest friends and Ruler of Omashu
The promoter of 'Earth Rumble' tournament
The wise spirit that protects the library in the desert
He tries to make the Aang turn his avatar state on by attacking him
The old Earth bending warlord that wanted Kyoshi Island as part of his empire
They stole Appa in the desert
Secret agents in the Earth kingdom
At long last he found a master and still told bad jokes
Ancient creature that taught Aang how to defeat the firelord
Rich little girl that got beat by Aang in the Earth Rumble tournament
The Earth king's pet bear
The group that included Smellebee & Longshot
Spirit of the forrest that was stealing people from their village
The conflicted person who was sure that honor was what they wanted
She had white hair and royalty in the northern water tribe
The Avatar that guided Aang when he needed it most
The person who was planning on becoming the pheonix king
Sokka's master who trained him in swordsmanship
Young earthbender who's father was inprisoned by the fire nation
The first person who tried to teach Aang firebending
He was the puppeteer who was really in control of Ba sing se
Sokka & Katara's father and leader of the southern water tribe
She agreed to teach Sokka how to dd himself if he wore the dress
Group of Master from all over the world who protected it in times of desperation
The pressure point expert who joined the circus
The person and crowd favourite who Toph defeated in the Earth Rumble
The only family member Sokka & Katara had left in their village
Spirit known as the Face stealer
She killed Aang and went crazy in the end
He was a Grand Master of White lotus and known as 'The Dragon of the West'
They taught Toph how to Earthbend when she ran away
Zuko's alter ego who helped Aang escape more than once

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