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Definition or DescriptionMath TermLetter
Amount of space inside a 2D shape. Also number of squares that fit inside a 2D shape.A
3-figure angle measured clockwise from north.B
SSS, SAS, AAS and RHS prove that two triangles are ...?C
System of numbers with 10 as a base.D
Process of 'multiplying out' or removing brackets.E
Process of writing expressions as a product. Often considered to be the opposite to previous answer.F
Change in height of a line for every unit right.G
Statistical diagram where the area of the bars represent frequency.H
Synonym for power, exponent or logarithm.I
Unit vector due north.J
Quadrilateral with two pairs of equal angles.K
Path or set of points that obey a given rule.L
Most frequently occuring piece of data in a distribution (an average).M
Definition or DescriptionMath TermLetter
2D shape with 9 sides.N
Number of the form 2n+1 where n is an integer must be ...?O
At right angles to.P
Polynomial with order 2. Can be written in the form ax^2+bx+c.Q
Distance from the centre of a circle to any point on its circumference.R
Way of describing how precisely a number is written, particularly when the number is rounded.S
Shift transformation. Can be described by a vector.T
Highest possible value in a given range.U
Speed and direction.V
Force x Distance. Also equal to the change in kinetic energy in a system.W
Mathematicians' favourite unknown.X
The constant term, c, in y=mx+c is the ...?Y
You may not divide by this!Z

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