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Where does Michael kill Sollozzo and McCluskey?
When Michael returns from Italy and sees Kay, how long does he say he's been back?
Where is Sonny going when he is killed?
Who plants the car bomb intended for Michael?
Which of the Five Families does Vito discover was really 'behind it all?'
Clemenza says 'leave the gun, take the cannoli' after killing whom?
Within how many years does Michael promise to Kay that the Corleone family will be completely legitimate?
When Michael takes over, Tom is replaced by Vito because Tom is not a _________ consigliere.
Who kills Connie's husband?
What tips off the Tattaglias that Luca Brasi remains loyal to the Corleones?
How many Academy Awards did the film win?
Vito tells Sonny to never tell anyone outside the Family what he is ______ again.
According to Michael, Tessio was the traitor because Tessio is ________ than Clemenza.
Who is snooping around the cars at Connie's wedding?
When Kay says that senators and presidents don't have men killed, what does Michael say she is?
When Vito gives Johnny Fontane's band-leader an offer he can't refuse, he says what will be on the contract?
During the meeting of the Five Families, Barzini says they are not all what? (that gets everybody to laugh)
How many times was Vito shot outside the fruit stand?
Who says 'badabing?'
Michael says it's safer to do what than to teach Apollonia to drive?

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