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What president is the high school names after?
On his honeymoon, Cory has the resort page Dr. ____?
Shawn: 'Oh no. This is bad. I ended my paper with, 'In conclusion ______ ____ _____.''
The final line to Eric's TV show's theme song is:
There's nothing about Cory that separates him from anybody else, except this poster:
Topanga is getting sneak-attacked at what time?
Eric is a disgrace to what three things?
Jack is shocked that his stepfather thinks his business idea, _________, is stupid.
Eric's favorite type of wallpaper has what on it?
Corinna's first hit song about Eric is called:
What animal is Little Cory?
Eric sings to Mr. Feeny at Cory's graduation. But even Eric says that nobody could say it better than a little girl named ___.
What tough guy is Frankie and Joey's leader?
Eric would have used this word from his word-a-day calendar, but he didn't think it would be having anything to do with the situation.
What is 'Cory' short for?
Whose wedding do the Matthews 'borrow'?
What is Eric's new name after he becomes a hermit?
The name on Mr. Feeny's door is temporarily changed to what as a joke?
Eric's back-up plan for Alan's surprise party (if Morgan goes south) is what?
Mr. Feeny's parting advice to Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric:

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