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Compounds made of just carbon and hydrogen atoms
made of a phosphorus atom bonded to four carbon atoms. It is usually attatched to the carbon skeleton by an oxygen atom
poylmer of glucose that makes up a plant cell wall
lipids w/ an identical carbon-ringed altered carbon skeleton such as cholestrol
water-loving: dissolves in water
consists of two fatty acids, a glycerol, and is an important component of cell membranes
groups of atoms that normally participate in the chemical reactions of organic molecules
giant molecule in a living organism. they include carbohydrates, lipids, protiens, and nucleic acids
unravelling of polypeptide chains allowing for for the alteration in the shape and function of a protein
chain of carbon atoms in an organic molecule
the molecular units that create polymers
removes water molecule from a polymer to add on another monomer
breaks water molecule down into hydrogen and a hydroxyl group which joins the end of the polymer
type of molecule that features monosaccharides, disaccarides, and polysaccharides
storage polysaccharide found in roots and tissues of plants made entirely out of glucose monomers
large molecule composed of several identical or similar molecular units
simplest type of sugar molecules w/ a single carbon ring for storing energy
surpless sugar stored by animals in liver or muscle cells in the form of a glucose polysaccharide and is utilized when needed
made of nitrogen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms.
water-fearing: does not dissolve in water
fatty acids w/ double-bonds and less than max. # of hydrogen atoms
fatty acids w/ max # of hydrogen atoms
carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom and also bonded to a hydroxyl group
consists of a fatty acid and an alcohol and is more hydrophobic than fats. it is used to make coatings on fruits and some insects to prevent them from drying out
chain of amino acids connected by peptide bonds
polymer from amino acid monomers
large lipid consisting of a glycerol and 3 fatty acids
glucose and fructose are ____ because they have the same chemical formula, but have different structures
most important role for proteins. they speed up and regulate chemical reactions in cells
A chemical reaction where monomers are joined together to form polymers. by doing this in many different combinations, complex molecules with specific functions can be used
made up of amino group, carboxyl group, and the control 'R' group
covalent bonds btwn amino acids
carbon atom double-bonded to oxygen atom
the unique portion of an amino acid that help determine the functions and characteristics of the amino acid
polymers of monosaccharides connected that are connected by dehydration reaction to create a molecule that stores energy and provides structure
Carbon molecules that are normally made by cells
Hydrogen atom bonded to an oxygen atom which is then bonded to a carbon skeleton of a molecule

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