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Can you name the film that was actually nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award?

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Year & MoviesBest Picture Nominee
1952 - Singin' in the Rain or Moulin Rouge?
1954 - Rear Window or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
1956 - The Searchers or The King and I?
1960 - The Alamo or Psycho?
1964 - Goldfinger or Mary Poppins?
1967 - Doctor Dolittle or Cool Hand Luke?
1973 - Papillon or The Exorcist?
1975 - The Magic Flute or Jaws?
1977 - Star Wars or Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
1983 - Scarface or The Right Stuff?
1989 - When Harry Met Sally or Field of Dreams?
1990 - Ghost or Pretty Woman?
1994 - Quiz Show or Léon?
1995 - Toy Story or Babe?
1999 - Fight Club or The Sixth Sense?
2000 - Cast Away or Chocolat?
2003 - Seabiscuit or Monster?
2005 - Munich or The Squid and the Whale?
2006 - Letters From Iwo Jima or Pan's Labyrinth?
2008 - The Dark Knight or Milk?

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