Music Quiz / UK Number Twos (Part 11 OCC 1994-7)

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Can you name the UK Number twos from March 1994 to May 1997?

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Month and YearSingleAct
March 1994Ace Of Base
April 1994Bruce Springsteen
April 1994The Crash Test Dummies
June 1994Big Mountain
July 1994All-4-One
August 1994Let Loose
September 1994Red Dragon with Brian and Tony Gold
September 1994Kylie Minogue
September 1994Corona
October 1994Bon Jovi
November 1994(MC Sar &) The Real McCoy
December 1994The Stone Roses
December 1994Mariah Carey
January 1995Boyzone
February 1995N-Trance
February 1995Annie Lennox
March 1995MN8
March 1995Alex Party
May 1995Perez 'Prez' Prado and his orchestra
May 1995Pulp
June 1995U2
Month and YearSingleAct
July 1995Supergrass
July 1995Diana King
August 1995The Original
August 1995Oasis
September 1995N-Trance ft. Ricardo Da Force
October 1995Pulp
October 1995Def Leppard
October 1995Meat Loaf
November 1995Queen
November 1995Oasis
December 1995The Beatles
December 1995Boyzone
December 1995Mike Flowers Pops
February 1996The Bluetones
February 19963T
March 1996Robert Miles
March 1996Mark Snow
April 1996The Manic Street Preachers
July 1996Underworld
August 1996Robbie Williams
August 1996Los Del Rio
Month and YearSingleAct
August 19963T ft. Michael Jackson
August 1996George Michael
September 1996Kula Shaker
November 1996East 17 ft. Gabrielle
November 1996Warren G ft Adina Howard
November 1996The Fugees
December 1996Toni Braxton
January 1997The Backstreet Boys
February 1997No Mercy
February 1997Warren G
March 1997Sash!
March 1997Kula Shaker
March 1997Boyzone
April 1997Supergrass
April 1997Blur
April 1997Robbie Williams
May 1997George Michael
May 1997The Cardigans
May 1997Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli

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