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aNot existing in pairs.
bPerson or thing cited as an outstanding example
cVariant spelling of a Hungarian dance
dA hybrid of a cow and a yak
eA monetary unit of Iceland
fVariant spelling of a common word for 'compatible'
gArchaic word for fetter or shackle
hInvolving wildly uncontrolled emotion
iWord of Indian origin, meaning honour or prestige
jPlace close together for contrasting effect
kJapanese martial art of longbow archery
lCausing the disintegration of the cell
mAn East African term for a white person
Start LetterWordDefinition
nAn antibiotic used to treat fungal infections
oTechnical name for the ozone layer
pVariant spelling of a word for vitality and glamour
qStandard layout on typewriters
rJapanese school or style of art
sA conjunction, particularly of the sun and moon
tVariant spelling of a Jewish stew
uHaving an excessive fondness for one's wife!
vPresent participle of a verb meaning to compete
wA winged two-legged dragon
xAn ancient Greek long portico used by athletes
yNon-standard form of affirmative from dialectal speech
zThe practice of brewing or wine making

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