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aIndefinite article
bThe supposed soul of an ancient Egyptian person or god
cBrazilian vegetation in semi-arid country
dNon-standard determiner from informal American speech
ePer thing
fWonderful four or a type of chip plant
gA social gift?
hA triumpant exclamation
iA word for a metrical foot with one short and one long syllable
jSouth African affirmation
kAn ancient Egyptian spirit who could reside in a statue
lVariant spelling of a noteworthy word
mDarling Buds character caught larkin?
nScots negative after an auxiliary verb
oBoorish man
pAnother perfick character caught larkin?
qA middle eastern sloping water channel
rA North American recess cut into wood
sHindi leaf vegetable
tInformal British version of 'thank you'
uA short-tailed African monkey
vAn informal cleaner in the Uk, who takes a short break in the US?
wA scots fuddy-duddies way of saying exhausted
xA salt or ester of an organic acid
yOne's self presented informally by an American friend
zA dessert of egg yolk, sugar and wine

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