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Can you name the movies by the characters its lead actors played in other movies?

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2005Roy O'Bannon, Peter La Fleur
1990Jack Byrnes, Leo Getz
1984John Kimble, Rachel Wando
1995Joe Dirt, Mike Donnelly
2005Merrill Hess, Elle Woods
2008Sherlock Holmes, Jeffrey Lebowski
2004Joe Paxton, Underdog
1997Major Chip Hazard, Robert Neville
1980Clark Griswold, Dr. Peter Venkman
2005Oskar Schindler, Will Turner
2009Marcus Wright, Nyota Uhura
2001Rachel Dawes, Homer Hickam
1996Rudolph 'Rudy' Russo, Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams
1999Trevor McKinney, John McClane
2003Silas, Maximus Decimus Meridius
1997Shrek, Wayne Campbell
1975Doc Brown, The Joker
2004Hallie Parker, Allie Hamilton
1999John Constantine, Elrond
1985Gordon Bombay, Samantha Baker

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