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Can you name the Iowa State University 'Classic' Bar Scene from 1999-2011?

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Location Hint(s)Bar NameGo Cyclones!
1. Corner of Welch and Lincoln Way (The true bar name of this location.)'The' Ultimate Iowa State F.A.C. Bar
2. Downstairs @ the corner of Welch/LincolnDid you pee in the corner? So laid back, this place rocked.
3. Irish, on Welch, right by that random shoe place.Oh the free hot dogs!
4. On Welch, where Cy runs the show in Ames!Yeah Cy! This is Cyclone Country!
5. On Welch, above Cy's.When you can't find something you misplaced.
6. Welch, upstairs, Wed. buck burgers, by the fire station.Old Faithful @ ISU
7. Welch, downstairs, by the fire station...Wed-Greek Night, Thursday night for the ladies dance party.Wed. night - Greek Night
8. Welch, downstairs... different if you know what I mean?(Dancers.)
9. On Welch, old school, below Pizza Pit..They have a sweet old school logo of the tornado as a mirror.
10. The other corner of Lincoln Way and WelchLong Island's home
11. Random/sketchy at times, penny pitchersSeriously, it was random.
12. Current name of the one above. (#11)Gangsters Paradise
13. Current name of Corner of Welch/Lincoln Way (#1)It's still People's to me.
Location Hint(s)Bar NameGo Cyclones!
14. Chamberlin, behind the gas station. This place has had a million different names, but in 1999-2000 it was this.If you make good grades.
15. From #14, it went to this name: Roughly '01-'02Mr. Big
16. This place was under #14 from '01-'03. Now this place is on the corner of Chamberlin and Stanton.
17. #14's place from '03- current?Run from the law.
18. Chamberlin, east of the Fire StationAbove #16 currently.
19. Used to be on Welch, now on StantonPink Tacos
20. At the M.U.The 'M' Shop
21. Roughly at the corner of Lincoln Way and DuffSing the 'Screw the Sqawks Song' at 5 AM before the actual tailgate. Shots and Chili!!
22. Corner of West St. and Campus Ave.Bar/Cafe/Club near campus
23. Dive, old school downtown Ames Karaoke barAgain, the Karaoke Bar if you wanted to get away from campus.
24. Classy bar and grill on Main St.Get the Clone Pale Ale or the Dinkey Wheat.
25. On Welch across from Cy'sJohn, Paul, George and Ringo love it here!

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