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Can you name the Geological Formations? PART 2!?

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Hescheleria, Placodus, TicinosuchusSwitzerland
Soomaspis, Onychopterella, PromissiumSouth African
Megalonyx, Smilodon, Teratornisa tar pit
Dilophosaurus, Scutellosaurus, DinnebitodonArizona
Lambdotherium, Knightia, Notharctusa CCR song
Sahitisuchus, Paranisolambda, PaleopsilopterusSouth American land mammal ages
Therizinosaurus, Tarbosaurus, DeinocheirusGobi Desert
Baurusuchus, Pycnonemosaurus, Sphagesaurusfictional material from the Marvel comics
Sivapithecus, Bramatherium, Megalochelysshiva's hills
Aviatyrannis, Machimosaurus, HaldanodonPortugal
Offacolus, Aquilonifer, Kenostrychussecond epoch of the Silurian period
Hesperocyon, Ischyromys, Archaeotheriumnot a CCR song
Savannasaurus, Australovenator, Diamantinasaurusa town in Queensland
Thrinaxodon, Prolacerta, KryostegaAntarctica
Turrisaspis, Phyllolepis, Hynerpetoncrimson mound
Eusthenopteron, Plourdosteus, CheirolepisCanada
Granastrapotherium, Purussaurus, MourasuchusSouth American land mammal ages
Cambropachycope, Ctenopyge, BredocarisSwedish cambrian shales
Tullimonstrum, Bandringa, Etacystisnot joggins
Eoplatax, Archaeophis, Eolactoria(asks in italian)
Euporosteus, Lungmenshanaspis, QingmenodusBonus question. if you want to skip just press 'x'

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